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Amardeep Singh:

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 • SALA Conference Program 2009
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com0" target="_blank">From "Pinocchio" to "Astro-Boy": Fairy Tales and Sci-Fi
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 • Nose-Piercing Utah and a Big Oops (Not Mine) [Updated]
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 • New and Forthcoming Publications
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com12" target="_blank">Fall Teaching: "Global English" and "Converts and Rebels"
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com5" target="_blank">"I Wanna Be Like You": The Jungle Book Revisited
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 • Guest Post by Narayan: More on Madras Elihu Yale Hiram Bingham
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com3" target="_blank">"Victory Becomes the Defeat of the Good": Ram Narayan Kumar
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com4" target="_blank">Vinay Lal "The Other Indians"
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 • A Little on Gauhar Jaan
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com1" target="_blank">"Intellectually Black and Socially South Asian": Michael Muhammad Knight
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 • The Sort of Book You Actually Want to Write: “Big Sid’s Vincati”
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 • Shameless Literary Tourism in Dublin: Bloomsday 2009
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 • 'I Hope You Feel Better Soon': Hello From Ireland
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com1" target="_blank">Review: "Global Bollywood: Travels of Hindi Song and Dance"
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com2" target="_blank">Review: Amit Varma's "My Friend Sancho"
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 • Mimicry and Hybridity in Plain English
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 • Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick: A Few Reflections
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 • Amardeephttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11408720639556886665noreply@blogger.com3" target="_blank">Two "Lucky" Films
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9th Street Records:

- - -



Balloons on wire 1

Balloons on wire 2

Balloons on wire 3

Softball Club



Benji preaching @ STF



Hometown rainbow



So fresh and so clean.

"Ain't nobody dope as me..."



Buster close up






Late lunch/early dinner - thanks Telly!

Firing up the $20 Rite Aid mini grill. Didn't feel like messing with the big guy.



This is my new favorite ice cream



12 items or less FAIL

You can't see the sign in the photo but it is the express lane...






Beating the heat

Water fight 1

Water fight 2




Chillin on the steps



Ian - 88% hipster



Big Philly sky



Ian got denied coverage. Death panel tonight.

Grillmaster Wayne



Ian - shadowman

Tim "Favre" Peterson and Chris "Potter" Nielson



Dem urban texturz @ Wayne's house



Andy and me replacing my alternator



Angelica's house

Angelica's house

Angelica's house

Matt and Josh


Girl About Philly:

- - -
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 • The 5th Wheel. A lament.
    I've noticed a disturbing trend. I’ll refer to it as the Coupling Effect. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy and girl decide to go on lots of couple dates with their other couple friends and leave their fabulous single friends to miss them desperately. Don't get me wrong I am quite happy when friends become involved in loving and happy relationships but where does that leave me? And yes before we go any further it's always always about me.

I am completely satisfied with my current state sure I sometimes miss the big spoon to my little one. But I have pretty much the most awesome collection of friends any one person could ever have. I'm never at a loss for someone to laugh dance be completely inappropriate with or someone to completely inappropriately dance with. Now here's my concern. As one of the dwindling singlers of the group I find myself excluded ever so slightly in favor of The Couple Dates. True this is a completely unfounded and petty jealousy but I fear that one night while all my couple friends are on their respective dates with my other couple friends I will be left alone knitting booties for my cats and the next thing you know…BAM I'm 50 have created a permanent buttock imprint on my couch and emit the faint aroma of cheese.

So I’ll ask you. What is the draw of the couple date? I don't think I was ever on one that I enjoyed in all of my relationshiped time. I always felt like it was leading to some awkward moment where we start placing keys in a bowl and hoping for the best. Maybe couples just feel comfortable around other couples because they have transcended beyond the life we singles lead (perusing missed connections on a daily basis in the off chance that someone I drunkenly bumped into the previous night thought I was hot.)

I digress.

I’ll leave you with this. If you are a couple don't leave your singles out to dry. Take us out. Play with us. We need your love most of all. read more >>

 • Everything you didn't know you needed to know.
    Ladies. Find everything you ever wanted to know about landing a man here. I will be perusing the local news tonight to find a sports figure whom I find attractive so that I can use that to converse with a male. Oh and rub my leg at a bus stop. Too bad the one outside my building was demolished during the Phillies win  read more >>

 • Holidayz
    Along with the Holidays comes a barrage of parties and a barrage of hopes that Mr. Right or at least Mr. Moderately Steady Make out might be a friend of a friend that said friends just forgot to mention before. Or maybe that they deemed undatable do to some character flaw that I may just be desperate enough to overlook. Thus far no such luck.

But it's OK what they lack in mens they makeup for in delicious holiday treats. Last night was a packed one. First I met a college friend and all of her new friends at Tequila's. And let me tell ya after about one of 2 margarita's those repressed college memories started flowing like brain farts after a memory lane enchilada. I felt 8 pairs of eyes staring at me in judgement. So of course. I thought it best to drink more.

Next stop friend's holiday party which was wonderful and I was just sober enough to enjoy that my friends weren't. But I had to make an appearance so I left for the third. The third was the coolest/ weirdest holiday party I've ever been to. But I found it difficult to socialize do to the fact that I couldn't tear my eyes of the 2 hour long hippy dance off taking up the majority of the living room while we crowded to the sides. It's all a blur of wine and patchouli. So around 3 am we decide to cab it home and some kid stole our cab from under our noses. So cabbie felt bad as he drove by and I gave him a thumbs down and took us as well. And then began the most awkward cab ride ever. This dude my friend and I in the back/ Her bf in the front. When said dude was safely zonked out I proceeded to have a convo with my friends. Dood would wake occasionally to heartily agree with me on whatever point I was making then zonk again.

Then I had to ride with him in silence between my friends' stop and mine. At his stop I was like "Well see ya". And he (obviously gay) leans in gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and left. As I watched in shock the cabbie said "Hmm.. I think I gotta start doing that with all of my costumers."

Moral of the story. Holiday love is where you least expect it. For me it's in a cab smelling of second hand patchouli. read more >>

 • 0" target="_blank">Sugar and Spice
    At the beginning of Girl About Philly we started a little competition called the Cupcake Showdown. It was our excuse to sample some of Philadelphia's best sweet treats. While the showdown experienced a slow down my personal affinity for the art of the cupcake only increased with time. And before I get to my latest ranking I will briefly mention that I am yet to meet the match of my two all-time favorites - the chocolate peanut-butter from Naked Chocolate and the banana with cream cheese icing from Billy's in New York (technically out of our competition's geographic boundaries).

But finally this weekend I got a taste of what Brown Betty is cookin'...and it was good. Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is one of those feel-good places with a story that you could definitely see becoming a movie. The tiny corner shop has feminine touches and a cool sense of girl-power and comradary that is palpable. You can imagine the staff singing out loud while they mix flour and eggs and breaking into powdered sugar pillow fights at the drop of a hat. The kind of place that you wished you had thought of (and had the guts and baking talent to pull off). It just looks like fun...and smells like heaven.

Then of course there were the cupcakes. I tried the chocolate red velvet cake with cream cheese icing -- which definitely gives Billy's RVC a run for its money (and is a lot closer to my apartment). My sis had the strawberry sour cream which was subtly sweet and a creative combination. Both were fresh moist and delicious. Brown Betty you've officially got a new BFF.

And the scoring:

Appearance- 8; Cakiness- 9; Icing- 9; Sweetness- 8; Freshness- 10; Overall flavor combination yumminess- 9

Total: 53

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique
1030 N. 2nd St.

 0" target="_blank">read more >>

 • Funky
    So last night I finally saw the light at the end of the self-imposed funk tunnel. The past few weeks while splotched with the occassional ray of sunshine (the most notable of which would be the discovery of Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks ..nomnomnomnom) have been kinda sucky. The crappy weather that just happened to coincide with layoffs at work and overall drama didn't bode well for my mental state. I tried to power through it with DIPLO on Friday but I couldn't even make it to his set. The amount of scenagers alone was staggering not to mention that no one had a problem with invading my personal space. So I peaced and got 13 hours of sleep which allowed me to knock down this oncoming cold. Holler.

Last night I went to Beau Monde with my friend's parents then went with the ladies to shake our collective shit to the musical stylings of DJ DEEJAY djay which was wonderful per usual. I even got a missed connection out of it. Although in full disclosure I don't think it counts because I told him to write it. But Imma take em how I can get em. My friend said he looked like he was 22 but hey.. at least he's legal? I still have to respond.

I'm gonna be honest as much as a truly do enjoy being single the winter coldness is making me miss someone to cuddle up to (which is probably why I had a set back and made out with a past hook up last week.) Ah well we all have our setbacks and mine happened to come in a chodey form. And my cats are reaching their spoiled teenager phase where they are embarrassed by their momma and don't want to snuggle with me any more.

OK I'm gonna wrap this up because my thumb is still smarting from trying to force zip myself into a cute dress in H&M. Europe won that battle my thumb and dignity lost. read more >>

 • 1" target="_blank">And the Phils took it

As I stood on Broad street last night with bottle of Blackhaus in my right hand champagne in my left I realized that I will probably never again witness anything like last night. I'm oh so glad I put aside my fear of douchey crowds and partied like a rock star with the rest of Philly. I watched the game from my office and with the win ran down 6 flights of stairs to get outside because I was too impatient to wait for an elevator. I won't soon forget what I was a part of and not just for the fact that I will most likely smell of a brewery for the next week or so. Best part of the night was looking up to see Green Man from It's Always Sunny raving on a bus shelter (that's no longer there.) As it rained beer and god knows what else down on me we weren't strangers we were 100 thousand strong that collectively ended our 20 year long dry spell. And it was good.

Fires in the middle of the street flipped cars and looting of FYE aside I have never seen so many happy people in one place. And I don't think I ever expected to see it in Philly. Believe me I'm not the biggest sports buff but thanks to my partner at work I've listened to every game and yesterday was able to spout off every date of each of the last Philly championship wins. I don't even recognize myself. So Philly let's revel in it.

See you at the parade. 1" target="_blank">read more >>

 • Phall
    So far fall is quite fantastic even though my prediction of an end to singledom has not come to fruition. I don't need a man to go on a hayride. I actually was grabbed repeatedly by some prepubescent screamy teenage girls. So I'll take it where I can get it. I do have a new love in my life though another cat. We've named her Sophia in hopes that naming her after the late great Estelle Getty character will give her a better fate than her unfortunate predecessor Sweet Dee. God rest her soul.

Tonight I will be casting aside my fear of crowds and my disdain of Douchebags to join the massive crowds of drunken douchebags on broad (knock knock knock on wood.) Good luck Phils. In honor of the Phils I will include this little Phillies gem.

Random thoughts
For now I have officially been eating better in hopes of shedding 5 lbs somewhere. Cutting my drinking to 3 days a week World Series/ Halloween weeks are an exception. And right now I am surprisingly non boy crazed. I'm OK not to be seeing anyone of note and enjoying my new attire brought on by new funds from new jobs. So yes I'm alone. But I'm looking good doing it. read more >>

 • Google vs. Drunk Colleen
    I know we've all done it. In fact I think Megan has already blogged about it's cellular counterpart. But once again Google has improved my well being and self worth. Thank you Internet friends.

And by the 7th time one of my friends called this to my attention I figured it was blog worthy.

Well as you may have heard the geniuses at the Google have created a function for gmail called mail goggles. It's for those nights when you get home at 3 in the morning and after that heart to heart with the cabbie you decide that you really really need to get back with your ex. Well for me the drunk emails moreso consisted of me telling them what horrible people they are. Anyway you pick a time frame and the days (for most it's Fridays and Saturdays I personally chose Tuesdays through Sundays from 11pm-4am.) Before you hint send on that sometimes love filled sometimes hate filled sometimes both filled email the Google elves ask you a serious of Math questions. If you get 'em right you've earned your shame. If you get 'em wrong erase that draft and tomorrow morning while you're downing your gatorage you can turn it into a thank you letter to the powers that be.

Thank you Google. Now come up with something for my phone. As of now drunk colleen thinks if she erases sent texts sober colleen won't remember what she has done in the morning. Doesn't work so well. Shame lingers.

Have at it. read more >>

 • We're comin to America
    Well. I just flew back from Ireland and boy is my liver tired. But seriously folks. I'm all for vacations but after 7 days in the van with your family the daily grind seems like a distant little cloud of cotton candy with unicorns pooping ice cream onto it. One thing I do have to say is that the mens over there love them some American women. And I dunno if it's the sprightly (albeit unintelligible) accents or the fact that the Atlantic between us means no clingy yanks the dudes seemed very welcoming. Very welcoming. 

I'll follow up with more including our attendance at Europe's largest matchmaking festival. But for now there's work to catch up on. And the unicorns are fading. Fast. 


 read more >>

 • 1" target="_blank">Hits the Zot
    Philadelphians have always been fans of Belgian-style cafe/bars that specialize in mile-long beer lists and serve up mussels and frites regardless of the last letter of the month. Monks enjoys a following that rivals that of our beloved sports teams and unfortunately the lines and crowds to prove it. The aptly yet less creatively named Belgian Cafe on my favorite lane and former home Green Street boasts a Monks-style menu minus the mania- but minus some of the atmosphere as well. And Eulogy well I'd love to comment on it and I think I managed to squeeze in one time a few years ago but...its in Old City. Enough said.

And then there's Zot. Just laid back enough to be a bar but just classy enough to be a restaurant. When I arrived here I felt like Goldilocks - I had finally found the place that was "Juuuuust Riiiiiggght." You know how you'd always like to take out-of-town guests to a Philly classic like Monks but you just can't because it's sure to be a mob scene and impossible to get a table? Well Zot offers the ideal alternative. With every kind of mussels you can imagine (and a few you can't believe would taste good - I think one option included chocolate) a beer list the size of a dictionary and a significantly more comfortable space than its Rittenhouse rival Zot is sure to please. My only negative was the limited choices of beers on tap. But as long as one is a Belgian wheat this girl is happy.

2nd & Lombard

 1" target="_blank">read more >>

 • 0" target="_blank">Wall Street Shmall Street Go Eat!
Ok so the economy might be crumbling like dominoes around us but fear not I have some good news for all. It is officially restaurant week in Philly! Now mostly I think restaurant week is a scam but I do like to participate because it means I try new places. This time around the powers that be upped the price for a 3-course meal. Now you will pay $35 bucks for an appetizer entree and dessert. Of course alcohol and tips are extra.

While there are standard gastro pubs on the extensive list of participating restaurants I recommend trying a normally pricey place to get your $35 bucks worth. Tonight I am eating at Hawaiian Fusion restaurant Roy's which has been on my "to do" list forever. You do always have the option of ordering from the regular menu should you not like your limited "restaurant week" menu options.

Restaurant week runs until Friday Sept. 19th. Be sure to make reservations as everyone and their mother tends to come out this week.

As the bankruptcy continues to mount I urge everyone to drown their worries in a bottle of wine at a restaurant you probably can't afford anymore.


 0" target="_blank">read more >>

 • 2" target="_blank">City of Brotherly Laughs
     While I lie here staring longingly at Colleen's little Charlie whom I'm cat-sitting I am reminded of one of my favorite things- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (Note- Colleen named her cat after one of the lead characters. And I'd love another kitten- hell I'd love 10 more kittens.) I can confidently say that it is indeed one of the best shows to debut in the last couple of years.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia does great things for this beloved little city. And let's be honest- we could use the help with the unfair recent notoriety- "ugliest city" "fattest city" and "murder city/killadelphia." The show which shoots around town quite a bit is about 4 friends who run a terrible bar in South Philly. Always scheming and manipulating this gang of friends is the Central Perk Friends crew on crack heroin glue barbiturates and lots of sauce. With classic episodes such as "Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person" I am convinced that this is a television classic in the making on par with The Honeymooners and MASH.

Dear readers I urge each and every one of you to tune in this Thursday to the season premiere at 10pm on FX. Hey I even encourage you to watch the repeats on Fancast- http://www.fancast.com/tv/Its-Always-Sunny-in-Philadelphia/2157/main .

I assure you that you'll have water cooler conversation for weeks.

 2" target="_blank">read more >>

 • 0" target="_blank">Philly Bleeds a New Kind of Green
    Anyone who knows a thing about Philly knows that when Eagles season starts its all Eagles all the time. Eagles green is everywhere on everyone and people from all walks of life come together to hope and pray that maybe just maybe McNabb will make it happen this year.

So I found it quite appropriate that today on the day of the Eagles home opener Philadelphia showed how it has embraced a new kind of green. Greenfest Philly took place today on Headhouse Square featuring over 200 environmentally- friendly and sustainable businesses and showing that Philadelphians are serious about reducing our carbon footprint. Everything from car shares to no-flush toilets to solar roofs to organic cotton t-shirts were on display with knowledgeable and zealous tree-huggers on staff to educate the public on the benefits of thinking about the planet in all our daily decisions.

While the festival was a one-day deal it was a perfect excuse to pick up some locally grown produce at the weekly Headhouse Farmers' Market. Here green is the main event but definitely not the primary color. It's a virtual rainbow of nature's bounty with fresh flowers plants fruits and vegetables all straight from local farms not to mention artisan breads pastries and other goodies. Even if you're not buying just perusing the market makes for a relaxing Sunday morning.

Headhouse Farmers' Market
2nd & Lombard Sts.
Sundays 10 am - 2 pm
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 • Procrastination
    It's Tuesdaymonday. You know the Tuesday after a long weekend that has all of the pitfalls of a Monday but's a touch closer to Friday. Wow even writing that cheered me up a little. That and I feel gross today so I'm wearing a sass little outfit. I have soooo much work to do before heading off to Ireland the home of my drunken ancestors that I figure I should put it off with a little blog action.

It was a good weekend filled with many bad dance dance floor decisions. Music provided by DJ Deejay DJ both nights. Thanks again yo.  

Dude I made out with was nice but not my type. Very... pretty. He asked for my phone # and if I recall I was listed as "ajsadh" so I figured I wouldn't have to dodge him later. Cut to last night I never get phone calls and was expecting one from the rents so when it rang I answered without looking. Whoops. It was him. I was so caught off guard I agreed to go out with him this week (saying I would get back to him on the day thinking that would buy me time to think of an excuse.) The more I talk to people I think I may just go. Whatever. 

So my parents came for dinner and met my new cat. I had the sinking feeling that they think this is the only grandchild they will ever have. As they came bearing gifts for him and my dad said Charlie bears a striking resemblance to my mother's side of the family. Le sigh. 

OK time to get crackin on some work aka stare at my computer screen for 2 hours then go to lunch. 

 read more >>

 • Confessions of a whiner
    I've noticed my blogs have progressively moved past witty into down right suicidal. My apologies. I feel like I'm on the cusp of breaking free of singledom can't explain why. And yes I fully admit said single state is self imposed. I'm impossibly picky. But I think the reason for that is just an excuse to revel in my me time.

A friend pointed out the obvious when I complained about my boredom

a.) I have a good fun job.
b.) My friends are fabulous
c.) I'm hot

OK he might not have said the last one but isn't that always implied?

So I have a trip to Ireland coming up with the fam which means 2 things. That I will be packing a flask and two weeks of forced soul searching. I'm fine with both.

As for dating? Not too much going on worth mentioning but it's a long weekend which means many possibilities. Have the MMP coming up and many many bbq's. mmmmmmmm meat. Now I just have to get through the next 2 days.

Happy Labor Day. Let's get weird. read more >>

 • Olive branch
    Whoops. OK. So a little while back I wrote a scathing blog about DJ Deejay. He found it explained himself and apologized. You can read that here

So I will accept this apology and will go further than that I'll attend this Friday's MMP on the boat. Well not so much to make peace as I feel the strong urge to shake my shit. 

Let's do this. 

 read more >>

 • Hisssssss
    My tendency to date assholes makes it pretty easy to not fall back into old habits. As they cancel on me before I get the chance to. Probably better. So I replaced him with a day of tubbing in New Hope. It was glorious even though I had a near death experience with a rope swing and lost my beer whilst chasing down runaway flip flops. The latter was probably the scarier of the two I was really enjoying that beer.

Anyway I'm feeling moderate to high annoyance with PAWS at the moment. While I would always encourage people to foster or adopt from there. Dee got very sick last week and all of our calls went unanswered. We ended up having to take her to UPenn pet hospital. They wanted to charge us thousands of dollars for a kitten we had had 4 days and were just fostering. Since PAWs is supposed to take care of the medical care at no cost we brought her there. When we did we were basically yelled at for not keeping her at UPenn and shelling out the grandplus. Keep in mind Upenn said they couldn't believe PAWS gave us such sickly kittens as first time fosterers. So they had to put her to sleep and Charlie who was doing fine is now seeming sick. So we're opting to spend the money at VCA cat hospital rather then risk getting sub par care at paws. I hope he's OK.


Anyway. All of this cat/money trouble and paired with never ending dry spell are really grating on my nerves. It's like I'm getting a second period. Cut to me on my couch spooning a kitten crying to the Notebook on the Family Channel. Ahhhh life is good.

Time for Mad Men
 read more >>

 • 1" target="_blank">Charlie and Sweet Dee

Well I'm officially in cat lady land. I got kittens on sat (2) from PAWS. They are the tiniest little guys I've ever seen and it took everything I had not to fashion a baby bjorn from some tshirts and bring them into work with me today. But I'm not there yet. Not quite yet.

While I'm loving the short respite from deathly heat this lovely cool day is bringing to light a harsh reality. Fall is coming. And fall/winter= the worst times to be single. Cider for one weeping into leaf piles couples costuming with my sister....again. I know there's gonna be a point when I tell myself that going on match will be a great idea. I need you to stop me.

I can cuddle with the cats.  Anyway on the bright side fall does mean new It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I sure do miss the night man. Thank God for DVR. 

Agenda for this week:

Make the cats love me
Take advantage of Megan's new pool
Monthly dinner/ getting drunk with Court. 
Probably hanging out with people I shouldn't be. Oh well. 
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 • 0" target="_blank">Vetri- Not Worth the Hype!
It's been a big year for me. I fell in love started cohabiting and got a haircut with bangs. Last night we decided to celebrate our first year together as an official couple. Two months ago the bf made reservations at Philly renowned restaurant Vetri. Ever since I moved to Philly I've been hearing great things about this place. I was expecting a super expensive fabulous meal and overall dining experience. Well the food was excellent....the service was pretty unimpressive.

I strongly feel that good service is a major part of the dining experience especially when you're eating at an outrageously expensive restaurant. Now there are probably 10 tables in this restaurant and there were definitely at least 10 servers. It didn't matter- we had no particular waiter and the sommelier not only took our wine order but also our dinner order. (I was just glad someone did.) But let's start at the beginning-we were greeted by a very tall man who seemed annoyed that we were there. He asked us what we wanted to drink. I ordered a vodka cranberry and the BF said he needed a couple of minutes. Nobody ever came back to see if he was ready for a drink. We waited another 30 minutes for menus.

In fairness the food was delicious. We started with an appetizer of Kobe steak that was cooked to rare perfection. I had a rich spinach gnocchi plate that literally melted in your mouth. The bf had a light white fish that was cooked with tomatoes smothered in olive oil- delicious. We had a chocolate souffle for dessert that was perfectly moist in the center. All very yummy.

And then we waited another 30 minutes for the check. While dinner was undeniably delicious I've had better service at TGI Friday's. We're glad that we tried Vetri but I think for our second anniversary- we'll go the Steven Starr route.
 0" target="_blank">read more >>

America's Hometown:

- http://americashometown.blogspot.com/2010/04/official-google-blog-think-big-with-gig.html' title='Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network'/>Unknownnoreply@blogger.com0 - Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network - Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network
-Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network
Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network

-Pew's One-Year Case Study on Philly311
I've been working for the Nutter Administration for about two years now.  My first big job was being the project manager for the implementation of the 311 system.  The Pew Foundation just came out with a one-year performance report.  I think the piece is fair and balanced and I remain very proud of the project and honored to have worked with talented people from all across the City's workforce to bring it to fruition.

-Another comeback?
I've had this blog for a few years now but my posting has really dropped off.  Is it time for another comeback?  Readership was never that high or my posts too insightful but I do enjoy my life on the blogosphere.  Let's see how it goes.

-New upscale hotel opening in Center City
"Having a property like Palomar by Kimpton come to Philadelphia confirms that we have made it as a city" said Ed Grose of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association."

-Donna Cooper
Nice article about Donna Cooper arguably the most powerful woman in the state right now.

-The Future of Trash Collections...it's already here
The future of trash collection has been here for a while.

-The Fairmount Park Art Association
From their website "The Fairmount Park Art Association is the nation's first private nonprofit organization dedicated to integrating public art and urban planning. Founded in 1872 the Art Association commissions interprets and preserves public art in Philadelphia."
Just another one of the myriad non-profit organizations in Philadelphia working to make the City a more vibrant and excellent place to live work invent or play.


-Recycling in Philadelphia Up by 50 Percent
Part of the Nutter Administration's Greenworks Plan is to increase the recycling rate in the City; they've been pretty successful...recycling is up about 50%. By diverting waste that would have ended up in the landfill residents and business saved the City nearly $5 million in landfill costs.

-City Offices in Philadelphia Moving from Spring Garden to Market Street
The move should save $30 million dollars over the next 20 years.

-Is it possible?
I can't believe I haven't had a post during 2009 thus far. To be honest my job with City government for the last 18 months has been my busiest professional endeavor leaving little time for other activities like blogs. Hopefully I will start getting things cranked up again. Hope everybody is well.

-Green Houses in Philadelphia
Eco-houses on Broad Street.

-The Kinks
FYI the Kinks are my favorite band of all time.  Here's a video of one of their more recent hits.

-Tiny Houses
Tiny Houses are cool.

-I am on a break...
In case anybody was wondering I am on a break. I have taken a new job working for the City of Philadelphia and will be focusing my time and attention on this work. Keep in touch.

-Goodbye Philadelphia
If it's remotely related to Philadelphia I like it. Along those lines check out this song called "Goodybye Philadelphia" by Peter Cincotti.


-Kirsty MacColl
One of my favorite singer/songwriters is Kirsty MacColl who was tragically killed by a boat while on vacation in Mexico in 2000. Here is a video of her singing "Days" one of her biggest hits that was written by Ray Davies and originally performed by the Kinks my all-time favorite band.


-Bike Sharing is Coming to Philadelphia
Philadelphia will soon have a bike-sharing program; think PhillyCarShare with bicycles.

-Mayor Nutter in Forbes Magazine
From the PhillyInc. Blog: Forbes Magazine interviewed Philadelphia's new Mayor in their January 28th issue. In the article the Mayor posits that "earlier city policies to spur job growth which amounted to coddling the biggest employers with incentive packages have failed."


-State Office Building sold for $25 Million
Pennsylvania officials have agreed to sell their 19-story 299000 square foot office building at 1400 Spring Garden St. to Bart Blatstein's Tower Investments for about $25 million. The building will apparently be converted into condominums.


-Agricultural Factoid
According to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture the Commonwealth ranks 3rd nationally in butter production making 72.2 million pounds annually in four processing plants generating nearly $100 million in sales.



- http://philafoodie.blogspot.com/2009/03/foie-gras-wars.html' title='Foie Gras Wars'/>PhilaFoodiehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16428522669496230612noreply@blogger.com3 - Foie Gras Wars -
-3" target="_blank">Foie Gras Wars


-The Inqy's Rick Nichols Writes About Food Blogger Potluck


-2" target="_blank">Geeks Who Give Hosts Philabundance Food Drive & Tweetup


-Kites Masks Roots and Duck Tongues: A City Paper Restaurant Review Round-up


-Pie of the Tiger


-2" target="_blank">PA Direct Wine Shipping Update


-6" target="_blank">Talula's Table


-3" target="_blank">Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes 2007


-6" target="_blank">Yabba-Dabba-Zoo! — Zot’s Flintstone Dinner


-Blais of Glory


-1" target="_blank">Gary Vaynerchuk Book Signing Event In Philly


-3" target="_blank">Working the PLCB System


-0" target="_blank">Philly Wine Fest 2008 Wrap-Up


-0" target="_blank">Local Bites


-2" target="_blank">What Does Chicago's Repeal of the Foie Gras Ban Mean for Philly?


-Local Bites


-Tipping Point


-1" target="_blank">An Update on Direct Wine Shipment in PA


-4" target="_blank">Plate Profile – Tinto’s Sopa de Castaño


-4" target="_blank">Agar-a-phobia?


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