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 • Photoshop Will Get a 'Prepare as NFT' Option Soon
    Adobe is launching a system built into Photoshop that can among other things help prove that the person selling an NFT is the person who made it. It's called Content Credentials and NFT sellers will be able to link the Adobe ID with their crypto wallet allowing compatible NFT marketplaces to show a sort of verified certificate proving the art's source is authentic. From a report: According to a Decoder interview with Adobe's chief product officer Scott Belsky this functionality will be built into Photoshop with a "prepare as NFT" option launching in preview by the end of this month. Belsky says attribution data created by the Content Credentials will live on an IPFS system. IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a decentralized way to host files where a network of people are responsible for keeping data safe and available rather than a single company (somewhat similar to how torrent systems work). Adobe says that NFT marketplaces like OpenSea Rarible KnownOrigin and SuperRare will be able to integrate with Content Credentials to show Adobe's attribution information. read more >>

 • 150 People Arrested in International Darknet Opioid Probe
    Some 150 people were arrested worldwide and more than $31.6 million in cash and virtual currencies were seized during a 10-month international investigation into opioid trafficking through darknet marketplaces the Department of Justice announced Tuesday. From a report: The massive probe called "Operation Dark HunTor" spanned three continents and led to the recovery of about 234 kilograms (over 500 pounds) of illegal drugs including enough fentanyl to cause more than 4 million lethal doses according to deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco. A darknet is encrypted online content that can only be accessed with specific browsers and is primarily used to purchase or sell illegal goods or services especially illegal drugs. 65 people were arrested in the United States one in Bulgaria three in France 47 in Germany four in the Netherlands 24 in the United Kingdom four in Italy and two in Switzerland. Prosecutors allege the suspects were responsible for tens of thousands of illegal sales across the U.S. Europe and Australia. read more >>

 • AT&T's Confusing 5G Plus Expansion Confirms T-Mobile Was Right All Along
    AT&T's new 5G Plus expansion gives T-Mobile the perfect "I told you so" moment. From a report: AT&T currently offers two "flavors" of 5G: 5G Plus over the high-band mmWave spectrum and regular 5G which is comparable to 4G LTE. Now a blog post details that AT&T is bolstering 5G Plus with the mid-band C-band spectrum in 2022 -- a concept that T-Mobile has been preaching for years. Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere slammed AT&T for not having a mid-band spectrum in 2019 stating that 5G needs a low-band mid-band and high-band spectrum to work efficiently. This is because that high-band mmWave 5G offers the fastest speeds over shorter distances making it best for highly concentrated areas. Conversely low-band 5G provides the bare minimum for speed over wider areas. Offering 5G service with no in-between isn't ideal -- a mid-band range serves as the median between both spectrums. read more >>

 • 'Dune' Sequel Greenlit by Legendary and Warner Bros.
    Denis Villeneuve will get the chance to create the second film of his planned two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's "Dune" Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. said Tuesday. From a report: The news comes after Villeneuve's "Dune" tallied $41 million at the domestic box office during its debut over the weekend a solid haul considering the film also launched on HBO Max Friday. Globally the film hauled in $220 million. While Warner Bros. seemed keen to greenlight a second film for Villeneuve Legendary owns the cinematic rights to the novel and had to be onboard in order to continue the story on the big screen. The second film is expected to follow Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) as he joins the Fremen and works to bring peace to the desert planet of Arrakis. "Dune: Part Two" will debut on Oct. 20 2023. read more >>

 • Astronomers Spot First Possible Exoplanet Outside Our Galaxy
    A possible Saturn-sized planet identified in the distant Whirlpool Galaxy could be the first exoplanet to be detected outside the Milky Way. From a report: The exoplanet candidate appears to be orbiting an X-ray binary -- made up of a normal star and a collapsed star or black hole -- with its distance from this binary roughly equivalent to the distance of Uranus from the sun. The discovery opens up a new window to search for exoplanets -- planets orbiting stars beyond our Sun -- at greater distances than ever before. Although nearly 5000 exoplanets have been detected so far all of them are in the Milky Way galaxy -- with few further than about 3000 light years from Earth. An exoplanet in the spiral Messier 51 (M51) galaxy -- also called the Whirlpool Galaxy because of its distinctive shape -- would be about 28m light years away. Dr Rosanne Di Stefano of the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard and Smithsonian in Cambridge US who led the research said: "Since the 1750s it has been conjectured that the dim distant nebulas now called galaxies are island universes: large gravitationally-bound stellar populations similar to our home the Milky Way. Our discovery of the planet candidate ... gives us the first peek into external populations of planetary systems extending the reach of planet searches to distances roughly 10000 times more distant." read more >>

 • Tech's Message To the Hill: We're Not Facebook
    TikTok YouTube and Snapchat will appear before Congress Tuesday with a key priority: distinguishing their practices from Facebook's. From a report: Facebook is under attack and its tech peers don't want to get caught in the crossfire as lawmakers mull legislation to rein in the company. At the hearing before the Senate Commerce consumer protection subcommittee representatives from TikTok YouTube and Snap will focus on ways their services differ from Facebook and Instagram and measures they've already put in place to protect children. TikTok's Michael Beckerman vice president and head of public policy will highlight proactive safety moves the company has made including disabling direct messages for users under 16. Snap's Jennifer Stout vice president of global public policy will note that the company was designed to avoid some of the toxicity of social media platforms and uses human moderation for creator posts that will reach more than 25 users. YouTube's Leslie Miller vice president of government affairs and public policy will point out that the company already has designed different services and products for younger users including YouTube Kids Made for Kids and Supervised Experiences. read more >>

 • Facebook Says It's Refocusing Company on 'Serving Young Adults'
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's redirected teams within his company to "make serving young adults their north star." The comment made on a call with investors this afternoon speaks to Facebooks' concerns about declining usage among teens and young adults. From a report: "So much of our services have gotten dialed to be the best for the most people who use them rather than specifically for young adults" Zuckerberg said. He suggested the change will be more than just lip service. Facebook usage among older users will grow slower than it otherwise would have because of the changes Zuckerberg said. Even with those tradeoffs he said "I think it's the right approach." Zuckerberg expects the changes to take years. One of the more immediate shifts could be to Instagram which he says will see "significant changes" to lean further into video and make Reels "a more central part of the experience." read more >>

 • Biden Appoints Jessica Rosenworcel To Officially Lead the FCC
    President Joe Biden named acting Federal Communications Commissioner Chair Jessica Rosenworcel to officially head the agency on Tuesday propping her up as the administration's leader to tackle broadband expansion and net neutrality. Biden also nominated progressive advocate Gigi Sohn as the third Democrat for the bench. From a report: The decision comes late into Biden's term beating out both former presidents Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon who nominated their FCC chairs well into September of their first years. If confirmed by the Senate before December the FCC's 2-2 deadlock would end and provide Democrats with a majority to push forward Biden's telecom agenda. But it's unclear if senators plan to move on Rosenworcel and Sohn's confirmations before the end of the year. Without a majority current Democratic commissioners Rosenworcel and Geoffrey Starks have their hands tied when it comes to implementing Biden's agenda. In July Biden signed an executive order urging the FCC to restore Obama-era net neutrality rules and to take up other measures to promote broadband competition including requiring companies to provide transparency into pricing. read more >>

 • Amazon Joins Race for Quantum Computer With New Caltech Center
    Amazon is officially entering the race to develop a quantum computer joining U.S. and Chinese rivals in the quest to harness the properties of nature's tiniest particles into computing power far surpassing existing machines. From a report: Amazon will base its quantum team at a new center on the campus of Caltech in Pasadena Calif. which officially opens this week. Caltech described it as the first "corporate-partnership building" on the university's campus showing "Caltech's interests in bringing fundamental science to the marketplace." The investment reflects growing corporate interest in quantum computers which are still at an early stage of development but could someday crack problems that existing computers can't such as identifying new materials to capture and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or new chemical compounds to treat intractable diseases. In the defense sphere some scientists believe quantum computers might someday be able to break existing forms of encryption making them a hot development priority for the United States China and other nations. read more >>

 • Amazon is Building a Clubhouse Competitor That Turns Hosts Into DJs
    Amazon is next on the list of companies getting into the live audio game. The company is building a new app codenamed "Project Mic" that gives anyone the ability to make and distribute a live radio show complete with music according to a presentation viewed by The Verge. From a report: This project's big goal is to democratize and reinvent the radio. The app will be focused on the US initially. Listeners will be able to tune in through the app as well as through Audible Amazon Music Twitch and Alexa-equipped devices. With the Alexa devices listeners will be able to interact with shows using just their voice. The app experience will also be optimized for the car playing into Amazon's idea of trying to reinvent radio. A mockup app image viewed by The Verge depicts a screen listing shows that are currently live; trending topics like #NBA or #hot100; and featured creators. Users will also be able to search for content by topic name or music. read more >>

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Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce:

 • More Than Money: Philly Chamber Reports on 10 Key Practices to Retain Young Talent
    The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia Shares Recommendations Based on 18-Month Research Initiative With Greater Philadelphia boasting top-tier education institutions excellent quality of life a thriving job market and the fastest-growing millennial population in the nation the talent here is more abundant than ever. But as expectations in the modern workplace continue to evolve […] >> read more or comment

 • Member Perspective: Uva Coles
    Guest Commentator: Uva Coles Vice President Institutional Advancement & Strategic Partnerships Peirce College @PeirceCollege How can employers leverage their resources for community involvement in distressed neighborhoods? How does this improve Philadelphia’s economic and civic life? The conversation is changing.  Just a few years ago I found myself in meeting after meeting discussing Philadelphia’s economic disconnects […] >> read more or comment

 • Mayor Jim Kenney’s Third Annual Address to the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
    On February 6 2018 Mayor Jim Kenney addressed over 1700 members of the business community in his annual speech at the Mayoral Luncheon. Read his full remarks below: Thank you John for the introduction and for inviting me to be here today. I want to recognize Chamber President & CEO Rob Wonderling and this year’s […] >> read more or comment

 • 6 ways to team up with Philly’s schools
    On Monday January 29 2018 the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia hosted Roadmap for Growth: Exploring Business Engagement in Philadelphia’s Schools. It was a crowded room at Girard College that night with more than 200 business education and civic leaders with passionate ideas. Read on for a few takeaways from our education issue forum. […] >> read more or comment

 • CEO Council for Growth features iBreastExam’s health care breakthrough in Philadelphia region
    Hand-held breast cancer scanner highlights journey from university lab to marketplace PHILADELPHIA — A great innovation requires many things for it to work — the right idea with the perfect development team bringing it to life. It also requires funding. For the team behind the iBreastExam a hand-held breast cancer screening tool that last piece […] >> read more or comment

 • Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles
    The Philadelphia Eagles have been esteemed Chamber members since 1947. With a relationship spanning over 70 years the Chamber values the Eagles’ commitment to the Greater Philadelphia business community. From their participation as a host company for Future Ready where they help teach Philadelphia middle school students about future career opportunities to their President Don […] >> read more or comment

 • Members of Congress Advocate for Northeast Corridor Funding
    Dear Chairman Frelinghuysen Ranking Member Lowey Chairman Diaz-Balart and Ranking Member Price: On behalf of commuters and community stakeholders who rely on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) we respectfully request that any final Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 appropriations legislation include robust funding for the Federal-State Partnership for State of Good Repair a federally authorized grant program […] >> read more or comment

 • Energy Storage Advances Energy Systems and Consumption
    Submitted by: Holly White Marketing and Communications Specialist RETTEW A field covered in solar panels or a mountain ridge dotted with giant windmills have become more commonplace in today’s world. But did you know combined with battery storage systems they can save even more costs and help regulate energy supply for businesses and municipalities? Fluctuations in […] >> read more or comment

 • A New Year …and a New Leadership Role?
    Submitted by: Sharlene Goldfischer Owner and Principal Quintessence Coaching In many ways moving into a new leadership role is akin to welcoming a new year….looking back from where we came coupled with a futuristic view anticipation of the great opportunities that lie ahead and to maybe starting anew  formulating and setting plans into motion and perhaps […] >> read more or comment

 • Member Perspective: Maggie March
    Guest Commentator: Maggie March Philadelphia Director Arena Strategies Why is it important that employers encourage young professionals to pursue mentorship opportunities and how does this help them retain talent? Employers need to encourage young professionals to participate in a mentorship program for many reasons. Mentoring is an invaluable part of professional development that will ultimately […] >> read more or comment

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